Dextrins are low molecular weight carbohydrates, which are obtained by dry roasting the starch with a strong acid. These are less sensitive to chemicals. It exhibits several advantages from like thin paste viscosity , enhance water solubility , constant viscosity.

They are classified as white dextrin and yellow dextrin .Our dextrin’s contain preservatives, de-foamers, thickeners, stabilizers, to ensure high quality finish. They serve prominent industries such as textile, packaging, chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries.

MAXIBOND dextrin’s are controlled based on acidity, moisture content, percentage of solubility and cooling temperature This product is highly engineered such that it can be varied according to color , solid content tackiness ,open time and several other parameters. So that , they exhibit high performance in wide range of applications.

  • Corrugated Boxes
  • Paper cone
  • Paper tube
  • Paper core
  • Paper bags
  • Book Binding
  • Spiral tube
  • Fiber drum
  • Fireworks
  • Envelopes
  • Increased wet tack
  • Superior machining
  • Excellent adhesion on difficult substrates
  • Prolonged storage life
  • Free from impurities
  • Broad range of solid content
  • Wide range of solubility
  • Better film formation
  • Minimal maintenance
  • High Productivity


MAXWHITE and MAXYELLOW are neatly packed using HDPE woven bag which enables hassle free transportation and safe storage.