We at Maxi Bond do not compromise on the quality of our products. We make sure every single one of our products is in compliance with the quality standards demanded by the industry. The raw materials we use are of the highest quality and the production processes we employ are state-of-the-art, efficient and sustainable. We have a set of trained personnel who ensure that all the products we make are of the highest quality possible. That’s a Maxi Bond guarantee!

Quality Checking Instrument’s

We ensure that the products that we provide to our customers are meeting the quality standards. To validate this, we have a kit encompassing Instruments to evaluate the quality of our products. This instruments are light, user friendly, portable and precise.


  • Infrared Thermometer is used to measure the temperature of the corrugated rollers, corrugated sheets and etc.
  • It is mainly used in 2 ply corrugated sheets, which gives a clear idea of the gelatinization temperature.
  • Knowing the temperature of corrugated rollers is an excellent tool for quality control.


  • pH meter is used to measure the pH value of adhesives.
  • It helps us to monitor the alkaline , basic , neutral conditions of adhesives.
  • Maintaining the pH in a desired condition delivers consistence performance.


  • B4 cup viscosity is a widely instrument used to measure the viscosity of adhesives.
  • Viscosity is the measure of adhesive’s resistance to flow.
  • Stable viscosity is critical for an adhesive to give outstanding performance


  • Refractometer is used to estimate the solid content present in the adhesives.
  • Solid content is the amount of solids present in the entire batch.
  • It is an major metric to estimate whether the starch content of the final adhesive is sufficient for the corrugators.


  • Digital Moisture Meter is a primary instrument used to detect the moisture present in solid objects.
  • It helps us to evaluate the percentage of moisture present in the paper , Corrugated boards , Corrugated Boxes etc.
  • Maintaining the percentage of moisture is critical as it decides ultimate quality of the corrugated products.


The Corrugation Packaging Industry is always developing and our company strives to be at the forefront of adhesive innovation.

We have a devoted R&D and Testing facility where we develop new specialty products and keep pace with the changing industry trends.

We understand customer’s aim,concern and their process and then bring together our research team to formulate and develop new adhesives.