Starch and Dextrin based adhesives is the premier product produced by MAXIBOND. These are low molecular weight carbohydrates produced by hydrolysis of starch molecules . The adhesion occurs between the molecule of starch present in the adhesive and the molecule of cellulose present in the paper used .These are ideal for the manufacture of Corrugated Boxes and it is considered to be the minimal expensive class of paper packaging adhesives.

These are classified as corrugation and pasting adhesives. This industry is burgeoning and at the same time fiercely competitive and customers expect their outcome to be cost effective and augment their production efficiency.

Using our wide range of Starch and Dextrin based adhesives, Corrugators can achieve elevated performance, hassle free bonding and unbeaten quality. We also developed a set of additives which enhances the performance of adhesives even at lower GSM, COBB and BF of paper.

We make sure that the raw materials that undergo for the production of this adhesives are easily available, resistant to heat and eco – friendly. MAXIBOND with help of vast experience and in – house technical support has come out with the specialized products comprising of several advantages , features and benefits.

  • Swift drying
  • Reduced gel temperature
  • Consistent Viscosity
  • Ideal Solid Content
  • Reliable water Resistance
  • Strong green Bond
  • Simple,versatile and cost effective
  • Drier,firmer Board
  • Productivity
  • Adhesive Mileage
  • Compression strength
  • Mechanical strength
  • Corrugator speeds
  • Heat and Cold Resistance
  • Storage life
  • Immense Quality
  • Smooth Process
  • Fair price
  • Safety In handling
  • Systematically packed